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All the Right Features

Online Virtual Fair gives you a comprehensive toolbox to ensure your virtual event delivers the impact you desire.


Impress your audience with sleek, professional-looking event websites. We can easily set up your event site. You only will share it!

Customizable BOOTH

Your exhibitor booths don’t need to be boring! Access a whole assortment of ready-made template!


We support responsive templates so you can rest assured that your audience will keep up even when they’re on the move via any mobile or tablet device.


Streamline even the most complex event registration processes, allowing your attendees to easily register for Virtual Tradefair & Conference events, sign up for sessions. Allow exhibitors to book for booths and complete registration online.


Reach attendees on any device, any platform. Supercharge your Virtual event with fully browser-based immersive virtual experience..


How do you know that your event is a success? Our reports show you event registrations, turnout, engagement stats and metrics at a booth level showing you exactly what worked and what didn’t. 

World-Class Productivity

With Online Virtual Fair software, we provide a sophisticated fair simulation that enables real-time interaction between representers and visitor. Our virtual event software enables you to find your right target audience while facilitating a real experience for potential customers.

Everything You Need

Text Chat

Live real-time chat experience with text messages.

Video Chat

Easily use video chat with your customers.

Company Profile

company profile is an introduction to your business, and aims to tell an audience about your products or services.

Live Conference

Stream your live conference to your audience, where they are.


Collect all information about your potential customers.


Get realtime analytics of your visitors in virtual fair.

Hundreds of Customers Trust Online Virtual Fair for Their Virtual Events

Companies from various industries use Online Virtual Fair Software for their virtual events.

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Online Virtual Fair Software is the best of choice of companies, universities, job boards and event organizers in the world. The success of your virtual event is our #1 priority.

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